Bistro Boheme is one of the great successes in the Copenhagen restaurant scene in recent years, and what makes the place especially interesting is that it is about the “good old-fashioned French gastronomy.”

It’s not about fashion statements. Nor about offering gourmet food at discounted prices. Bistro Boheme is about giving guests a top-class taste experience, garnished with good service and festive atmosphere.

Per Thøstesen is the dynamics of this machinery. He is the man who attracts the right employees and keeps them for years, which is also unusual in the industry. 

In the book of Bistro Boheme, published in 2013, you can read the whole story of how the boy, Per Thøstesen, decided to be a cook. How he purposefully went after being employed at the most famous restaurant of the time, at Paul Bocuse in France.

He performed the French trials for three years, and then proceeded to the world, eventually returning home to a Denmark that stood in the sign of the fusion kitchen. Per spared the fusion wave for some years after which he “returned home” to the French gastronomy at Bistro Boheme.

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