Today’s Course Daily price

Today’s “Højt Belagte” Daily price

30 gram Rossini Caviar Gold Selection 

Served with crème double, brioche & red onions


4 variations of Perle Blanche oysters 

Fried, the world’s best with Rossini Caviar Gold Selection, red grapefruit & peanut oil, & horseradish ketchup


Perle Blanche oysters 

3 pcs. or 6 pcs. served au naturelles with American horseradish ketchup & red wine vinaigrette

​85 / 170

Curry Herring 

Served on carpaccio of apples, egg salad, capers & red onions


Crab turned with dill-lime mayonnaise 

Served with guacamole, pickled tomatoes, capers, garden cress, grapefruit & cucumbers in white balsamic


Lightly salted tartare of salmon ​

Served with lemon-herb mayonnaise, cucumber, quail egg, shallots and chips of rye bread


Bali Carpaccio 

Tuna carpaccio with wasabi peas & wasabi-lime mayonnaise, daikon turned with sesame & soya


Hand peeled shrimps from Skagen on white asparagus 

Served with lobster hollandaise, poached eggs, lemon & chervil


Carpaccio of beef tenderloin 

Served with truffle-lemon mayonnaise, grated Havgus & rucola salad


Terrine of foie gras with confit of duck & pistachio, flavoured with calvados 

Served with prunes marinated 1 year in Armagnac & brioche


Moules frites à la Bistro Boheme served with bacon, aioli & pastis


Asparagus soup 

Served with soufflé buns of chicken, slices of green & white asparagus, rosemary croutons & chives


Thøstesen’s fried egg 

Served with potatoes & truffle, confit of duck, sausage with truffle, hazelnuts, croutons & freshly grated truffle


Medallion of beef tenderloin served with fries, béarnaise & green salad


Hash à la Bistro Boheme 

Served with beetroots, cornichons, fried egg & mashed potatoes


Omelette with ham & Comté

Served with root vegetable salad turned in dijonnaise


Parisian steak 

Minced and grilled beef served on fried toast with capers, pickles, onions & egg yolk


Piquant tartare of beef tenderloin 

Spiced with chili, tabasco, crème fraîche, truffle oil, red onions, capers, tarragon & cognac.

Served with green salad, cornichons, toasted rye bread & homemade potato chips


Supplement fries 40

Supplement béarnaise 40


2 Petit Fours


​Tahiti vanilla creme brulee served with lemon sorbet


​Nougatine served with almond / mocha cream & passion fruit sorbet


​White chocolate mousse with licorice toffee  chocolate vermicelli & sorbet of blood orange


​Bohème chocolate dream served with cantaloupe melon and pear / melon sorbet


Prunes marinated 1 year in Armagnac served with vanilla ice cream, licorice tuille & english licorice


​Pineapple braised in cognac & hot spices served with nougat ice cream, marzipan & chocolate


​Havgus & white lady on grilled toast, topped with tomato tartare served with pear poached in red wine & port wine

Havgus – cow milk / The white lady – white mold cheese – cow milk


​Comte stored for 36 months served with crisp bread, truffle honey & freshly grated truffle


​Cheese board European cheeses with olives & crackers · 3 pcs / 6 pcs


​Jacobs French coffee


Espresso Martini



Information about the content of allergenic ingredients can be obtained by restaurant staff

A sur charge up to 3,75% will be added to the total bill, by paying with credit cards


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